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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Oil Painters of America Keynote Lecture on The Errors of Modernism by Fred Ross

"We have hardly begun to even consider all of the possible areas of thought, emotion, knowledge, and experience which have yet to be conceived, drawn and painted, in which the expressive, poetic and creative powers of the artists eye can once again enrich society, culture and civilization with the outpouring of countless masterpieces from the hands of our living masters."

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posted by Brian Yoder at 6:05 PM

Vern Swanson Interview: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Tempera on canvas
(172.5 x 278.5 cm)
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy
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Oil on canvas
(98 x 163 cm)
Manchester City Art Galleries, Manchester, England
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Oil on Canvas
(260 x 180 cm)
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA
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Oil on Canvas
(91.4 x 183.8 cm)
Private Collection
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